Blueprint Roleplay


Welcome to our website, follow our TokoVoIP for more information about connecting to the server.

About Us

The server is not created with the best RP level in mind. What counts for us is the fun of the players and administration!


Here’s a short list of things it does: Actual proximity-based audio, Directional audio, Radio system with channels, Phone calls, Radio sound effects, Radio clicks, Why TokoVOIP over normal voice? When adjusting FiveM Voice's "shouting, talking & whispering" it only adjusts your receiving distance, and not your actual transmitting distance.Sound is a lot clearer & can be adjusted easier.

Custom Framework

We are running on a fully custom framework.

Custom Scripts

We are running fully custom Scripts.

Powerful servers

Our servers stand on one of the better machines, which ensures lag-free gameplay. The scripts are properly optimized to ensure the smoothest gameplay.


We focus on minimalism and a nice interface look.

Helpful Adminstration

Our administration is ready to help you at any time. Just write an application to the administration.

Innovative elements

Our scripts are innovative and ones that you won't find on other servers.

Innovative interface

NICE AND MINIMALISTIC We focus mainly on minimalism so that everything looks nice and transparent. Our interface does not disturb you in the game, and does not look standard. At any resolution you can enjoy the perfect hud.


SMOOTH AND PLEASANT The island undergoes several optimization tests every day. Our Development Group puts all its strength to best adapt the server to smooth gameplay. Thanks to this, streaming or just plain gameplay becomes more pleasant for you.



Ghxsty - Server Owner

A person thanks to whom we can now enjoy the server. He spends a few to several hours a day trying to improve the server technically.


Cosey - Server Developer

The person who is responsible for making quick decisions in difficult times of the server and the head who runs the organization of major changes on the server.

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