How to install TokoVoIP

Download the plugin Download TeamSpeak

  • Here’s a short list of things it does:
  • Actual proximity-based audios
  • Directional audio
  • Radio system with channels
  • Phone calls
  • Radio sound effects
  • Radio clicks
  • Why TokoVOIP over normal voice?
  • When adjusting FiveM Voice's "shouting, talking & whispering" it only adjusts your receiving distance, and not your actual transmitting distance.Sound is a lot clearer & can be adjusted easier.

How we gonna help you to install our TokoVOIP

Follow all information we are replacing

  1. Download TeamSpeak!
  2. Download the tokovoip_X_X_X.ts3_plugin from here. install it without opening TeamSpeak!
  3. Once it's installed, open TeamSpeak.
  4. If installed correctly, under the Plugins menu you should now see "TokoVoip"
  5. Next, what we want to do is add the server as a bookmark, this way it'll save the stored password, your server nickname (So we know who you are). Click on bookmarks and then manage bookmarks.Then click Add bookmark.
  6. Once you have done this, click apply then ok.
  7. We will go ahead and set a hotkey for your teamspeak. Click on Tools > Options > Capture and click on Push-To-Talk to assign your new voice key
  8. Click apply, then ok to save this setting.
  9. All those steps above are done now you can use tokovoip on Blueprint Roleplay.
  10. Teamspeak :

Little more info

Wait in the welcome channel.

Open fivem and connect to the server.

The moment you join the server, you will automatically be moved to the correct OneSync channel in teamspeak.

Your push to talk button on teamspeak will be the one you use to talk in game.

The old push to talk you had ingame will only work if you have a radio ingame from the store, and turn him on to the channel that your friends/gang use.

Welcome to Blueprint Roleplay

We do have staff to help you setup tokovoip withouy any problem. you can contact us by discord.